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This is the most powerfully transformational and deepest healing modality I utilize

Tibetan Bowl Intensive Healing:

Tibetan Singing bowls have been used for centuries for healing, meditative and restorative purposes. They are said to contain the sacred sound of "OM (Aum)". They create a range of powerful vibrational frequencies to restore the healthy balance of the body, mind, and soul.

The sounds generated by Tibetan Singing Bowls are a type of energy medicine that promote healing from stress disorders, pain, depression, and dis-ease.

We respond to these powerful harmonious vibrations in many ways. One of the ways the Tibetan Bowls heal is through entrainment of our brainwaves to synchronize with the perfect resonance of the bowls. We can reach a meditative state in which the Alpha and then Theta brain waves significantly lower stress and anxiety levels, as well as initiate our own self -healing.

The Tibetan Bowl healing is extremely deep and penetrating. Depending on the client’s needs, we work on a custom program to detox the 4 bodies (physical, mental, spiritual, emotional), aura and chakras for serious “dis-ease” removal and to bring you back into balance.  These bowls have a profound visible healing effect on the physical body as well as deep emotional wounds and chakra blockages.

Tibetan Singing Bowl treatments have produced incredible results for people with traumatic brain injuries, coma, PTSD, slow healing bone breaks, emotional wounds, trauma, grief, addiction, ulcers, and stress, to name a few.  I have
clients currently in the program with challenges related to cancer, the thyroid, kidneys, liver, heart, anxiety, negativity, sleep issues, Lime disease, relationship problems, and physical trauma that are feeling relief and seeing changes within the first 2 sessions. Many clients choose to continue on with additional 3 session packages after having positive results.

**If you have a special condition (cancer, brain trauma, paralysis etc…), please let me know and we can work out a customized, special pricing, healing plan.** 

One of the most important parts to this healing is the commitment from the client. With this special healing it is most beneficial for the  client to meet me half way during the process with daily affirmations and slightly modified diet as we are working together (I will furnish complete simple instructions when appointments are booked). Those that are following these guidelines are experiencing deeper results more quickly.

Tibetan Bowls Single Sessions:

Aura Cleanse ($100)
1-1.5 hours 

Physical Body  Renewal Repair and Rejuvination
1-1.5 hours

Single Session Healing Only ($110)
1.5 hours

Single Session Healing  w/ Reading or LCSC ($150)
2.5 hours

Single Session w/ Deep Emotional Release Healing includes Mini Reading to detect issues and blockages in any of the 4 bodies (mental physical spiritual emotional) and Spiritual Counseling/Coaching, Tibetan Bowls, Essential Oils and Ancient Gong ($150)
2.5 hours

The Basic 3 Session Treatment Series:

These 3 appointments (1 per day) need to be scheduled back to back or at most with 2 days in between.

3 Session Package ($225)
1.5 hours each day

3 Session Package w/Reading at 1st session ($255)
2 - 2.5 hours (1st day session)
1.5 hours (2nd, 3rd day session)


7 Sessions over 3 weeks
w/ Deep Emotional Release
Healing includes Coaching, Tibetan Bowls, Essential Oils and Ancient Gong
(7) 1.5 hours each

4 sessions within 4 weeks w/Deep Emotional Release
Healing includes Coaching, Tibetan Bowls, Essential Oils and Ancient Gong
(4) 1.5 hours each

You will be asked to do a slight modification to your diet and water intake, prior to our session in order to prepare. Instructions are sent when we confirm your appointment.

Healing the Healer - Click Here


Tibetan Bowl Healing Testimonials:

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"Dear Marie,
I wanted to thank you for such an amazing experience with the Tibetan healing bowls!
I had no idea what I was in for! Each of my 3 sessions was completely different on all levels...Emotional, spiritual and physical. I have had such an inspirational and peaceful.
Week reflecting on my journey.
I feel the transformation within, I am like a caterpillar waiting to break through my cocoon!
I know the healings have helped progress to be the Beautiful butterfly I am."  - L. G. Northport NY

"I started my 3 session Tibetan bowl series with the intention it would help me release some emotional and physical Pain.  Before starting the sessions I was apprehensive and fearful not knowing what to expect. The session started with a reading, in which Marie was so intuitive and inspiring.  I found my self-relaxing right away…She pointed out things in my life where I should let go and also things to focus on.   We started each session with conversation.  I found that healing before she even started the sound therapy.  I felt as if I could talk to her about anything and it was OK! Marie has a special way of relating to situations and just listening, without judgment.

She started each session with a very relaxing meditation that brought you into a deep and calming state.  As the sound therapy started I felt immediate vibrations through out my body.  Not only through my ears but every cell.  I felt a deep sense of peace but yet I could feel my body releasing things that no longer served me. The first day was the toughest releasing so much, and actually felt my crown Chakra open to let things out.  By the second and third session I felt myself just going with it and just concentrating on healing pain.  The sounds of the bowls were so harmonic and healing.

The whole time I felt completely cradled in Maries Love and comfort, it was truly an amazing experience and would recommend it for anyone who is on a Spiritual path or needs any type of healing.  I hated to have the sessions come to an end but I know in my heart it is just an intermission with more to come." With much Love, Michele C Ridge, NY

"Thank you, Marie, for sharing your time, your expertise, your ancient wisdoms, your gentle strength, and your loving kindness.  As someone who has been on a spiritual path and a personal journey for quite some time, I had never experienced sound healing before.  When I met you, I knew deep inside that this was a modality that resonated with me even though I couldn't explain why.  The process is somewhat indescribable.  You bring so many pieces to the whole process-- energy reading, journaling, mindful diet, dream work, imagery, and of course the incredible and intense Tibetan bowls.  Your ability to provide language that pulls together and simplifies the complexity of spirit and humanity was very helpful to me. Your specific, clear questions, examples, and metaphors helped me a great deal as well.  Thank you for embracing me (even my unconscious resistance!) and for inviting such an honest level of sharing.  I noticed a definite difference in my communication so far (it's only been since yesterday) and I know there is more to come.  You are divinely gifted, Marie. I am blessed to know you." - L. M. Miller Place, NY


Very Common Feedback After Sessions: "Thank you for everything Marie. I slept like a rock last night it was amazing....I was soooooo tired when I got home, I never put the TV or music on I just took a hot bath and remained quiet (unlike me) and fell asleep peacefully." - B.C. Port Jefferson, NY

"The Tibetan Bowl Healing was amazing.  While I was excited when I first signed up, I began to get nervous as the time drew closer.  I wasn't sure which skeletons would show up, and I wasn't sure that I wanted to face (or have Marie face with me) those demons.  She was amazing, supportive, and so comforting.  She told me to look at them, instead, as life events that I have just put up on the shelf, waiting to deal with them once I gained the life experiences to do so.  I can't even explain how I have changed.  I definitely see my world differently. I am more accepting of things that I cannot change, and putting my efforts more into things I can change, and for the better.  The past couple of weeks I have been so focused and motivated!  I haven't been that way in years! I finally feel like I'm starting to find my purpose again.  I cannot thank Marie enough! And I definitely cannot wait until my next session!" - D. P.,Rocky Point NY

"If anyone is considering the 3-session Tibetan Bowl Healings, I highly recommend it.  If I had to describe, in one word, how I felt by the third day it's "Euphoric"!  But much more, I also feel stronger, more confident and in touch with my inner child.  It's like I found myself again. I truly have been feeling lost.  An additional benefit was pain relief.  For years I've lived with chronic pain in my neck and back.  By the third session, I found some relief, especially in my lower back.  How wonderful does that feel?  GREAT!" -W. M. - Rocky Point, NY

"I've had a problem with an insomnia from the time I became a "grown up" with a real job. I've gone through good and bad periods, but I've had to take something to sleep (be it Benadryl or Seroquel) literally every night since my daughter was born 2.5 years ago. I am 99.9% certain that it is just a mental/anxiety issue (as opposed to sleep apnea). I have tried various things--therapy, antidepressant/anti-anxiety medications, acupuncture, meditation CDs, etc.--but nothing really made it go away.

As the time for my treatments approached, I realized that I may not be as receptive as I would be ideally; my husband of 11 years had left me very suddenly 4 months before, and I was kind of in a state of "trauma." I know that the treatments were used for trauma, but I wasn't sure that my situation really counted. Still, I figured it was worth a try.

I was surprised at how little trouble I had sticking to the hypoallergenic diet--that went just fine.

I don't want to talk too much about the treatments themselves, because I want people to experience it without any preconceived ideas about what it'll be like. I will say, however, that I was completely in my head during the first treatment, and I was afraid that it wouldn't work because I couldn't shut off my thoughts. Without giving any details, though, the tones were able to get underneath my thoughts and work on me.

I did see some improvement in my insomnia after--it still waxes and wanes with my anxiety level, but, on average, I'm taking "heavy duty" sleep meds less often than I was. I was aware going in that I had so much other, more emergent, issues going on that I shouldn't expect a miracle. I did, however, experience an improvement. Once things are quieter in terms of being abandoned and divorced, I will definitely try for another round of treatment. I'm surprised I had any results at all, because that was hardly a fair shot.

The treatment, however, did help immensely in terms of my healing and my ability to find peace despite the turmoil in my life. I had very bad days (or parts of days), but I bounce back and find my equilibrium pretty quickly. I am very prone to depression, but I have not been depressed. I'm sad in a way that even the most optimistic person would be in my position, but it's not all-consuming: I am still able to find joy in every day. In the past, I've been very down and depressed even when everything is going my way. I have also adjusted to being the primary caregiver to a 2 year old without melting down from the anxiety. This may not mean much if you don't know me, but until a few months ago, I was simply NOT one of those people who had "inner peace." I used to self-injure, and I frequently had suicidal thoughts. (Obviously, I wasn't exactly a joy to live with, and I accept that that I played a role in the breakdown of our relationship). When he left, I realized how crazy I had been, what lines I had crossed, and I turned my back on those behaviors; still...divorce is hard. When I have bad days where I feel teary all day long, instead of being overwhelmed and feeling like I'm drowning, I am able to accept that it will not last forever and that it's a part of my healing. I truly believe the balancing of the chakras played a role in that. Now, I feel like I get pulled out of balance, but then everything works its way back into place." - T.G. Huntington, NY

"To put into words the experience of the Tibetan Bowl Healing is like trying to explain how all of your first times felt. That first moment you learned to walk or felt cold or longing, your first desire, pain, hurt. That sunrise or sunset, you can never forget.

A hurt so severe, allowed witness and companionship in healing, allowing ME the ability to survive its acknowledgment. Places within myself I needed to know and feelings I had yet to explore, integrating all parts at once, into the whole, while forging new frontiers within.  Smiling during, awareness, hurts - healing, safely, securely, the entire time.

Allowing the Divine within, forward, peaceful...exhaustingly calm. Thankful.  – B. M. Deer Park, NY


Tibetan Bowl Treatment Case (- K.C. Ronkonkoma, NY)

Client came complaining of left shoulder pain, deep in the middle of front deltoid head (shoulder) - background: adult male that was adopted at birth, also experiencing light anxiety. Protocol was 7 Bowl Detox 1 session and 2 sessions 4 bowl Deep Emotional Healing back to back appointments. Pendulum showed blocks in all chakras.

After 1st session, client's feedback was feeling like he had been working out at the gym extremely hard, fatigue and tenderness in the trapezius muscle and melancholia (feeling a little sad) - all normal responses to bowl healing sessions.

After 2nd session, pain in shoulder completely gone, light tenderness in trapezuis, feeling very good (positive) mentally and emotionally.

OVERVIEW: There is a lot of information written, relating to emotional-muscular "storage" , or shielding in the body. This is what is called physical " armoring " - a form of emotional protection - which in turn, due to the growth of tension and pain, continues to cyclically cause further armoring and damage to the body as it worsens. The shoulders, specifically, the musculature between the shoulder itself and the neck (the trapezius area) relates to responsibility, or the taking on of too much by oneself (almost literally like Atlas, carrying too much on ones shoulders). Moving up to the area right behind the neck (C7 Cervical Vertebrae area), is related to feelings of disconnection. It can also relate to the 5th (throat) chakra and blockages there dealing with communication. Moving down to the shoulder blade area, in the upper back and nearby, we are discussing childhood abandonment issues and childhood trauma. Also important to note is that the left side is related to the feminine, being able to receive love, asking for help and spiritual issues. The right side is related to the masculine and material concerns.

Tibetan Singing Bowls Guided Meditation Circles

7:00pm – 8:00pm
Dates Vary



I am currently limited to 12 people with waiting list option

Minimum of 5 attendees
Cancellation respectfully requested by 9am, so that others may come

 Set Your Intention to Relax, Repair and Rejuvenate!

For this guided meditation, a specially matched healing grade set of Tibetan bowls are used for deep relaxation and physical healing of the body. The Tibetan Singing Bowls allow us to ground and center our being.  The past ceases to exist, and the future disappears as we unite with the present moment.  The guided meditation focuses upon allowing the vibrations to relax, renew, open and cleanse the body, promoting the body’s natural self-healing ability.  

The origins of Tibetan bowls are shrouded in mystery, but it is believed they date back to the Bronze Age.  The harmonic sounds created by these bowls quickly aid the meditative process.   It is said these sacred healing instruments contain the sacred sound of OM (Aum).  The beautiful tones and overtones produced by the bowls are heard through the ears and felt in the entire body down to the cellular level.  They are excellent for reducing stress allowing us to attain deep levels of relaxation and endorphin release.  They also balance the body’s energy centers, remove toxins and promote self-healing within the chakras and the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. 

I suggest bringing a yoga mat and water, you can also bring a pillow and blanket for comfort. The winter months here are chilly. I also have chairs if needed. If you do not have a yoga mat or pillow you can borrow them here - supplies are limited. We fill up quickly so RSVP.

**** As a courtesy to all attendees, please arrive between 6:35 and 6:50pm so that we may begin promptly at 7.  The doors are closed and meditation begins almost immediately.  As it is disruptive, we cannot accommodate late arrivals. .****

Please RSVP to receive details & directions to my location in Rocky Point NY 11778
ALL RSVP’s are through – email me and I will send you the link

If you sign up to bring a guest please make sure to share the following information to help provide a pleasant experience:

Sacred and Fragile:
All items related to sound healing: crystals, instruments and other tools are sacred and fragile.  Please refrain from touching any items without permission and as a gesture of honor, never enter the sacred circle area where I play. 

Remove Shoes, Watches and Bracelets:
We do observe the Asian tradition of removing shoes after entering and staying on the carpeted areas while in your shoes, this also helps to keep the sand away from delicate instruments. If you are uncomfortable in bare feet, please bring a pair of socks with you. If you are wearing a watch, you may want to remove it and any bracelets to enhance your experience.  These items can block the energy flow and become distracting.

Late Cancellations/No-Show Policy:
I certainly understand that on occasion, unforeseen circumstances and emergencies cannot be avoided. However, 2 No-Shows and 3 very Late Cancellations (after 3pm) result in being unable to attend future circles.

Email Address and Contact Number:
On occasion, there have been last minute changes and cancellations due to weather and other unforeseen events.  Please make sure I have a current email address and phone number to call, email or text you in the event of last minute changes or cancellation.

Book A Private Event:
All meditation circles are available to be booked as private events. For this circle, you only need a minimum of 7 people, (max 12) and the per person fee is the same.  Private circles are booked any day between 11am and 7:00pm.  Cancellations are requested 48 hours prior to event date.

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