About Marie

Marie Suk is a not your typical Psychic. She does not provide Medium, Fortune Teller, or Future Reading services but what she does provide is a unique type of reading that goes hand in hand with her healing services. Dealing primarily with what is holding you back from happiness, wholeness, growth and moving past old wounds, traumas, and hurts; Marie sees the repetitive themes (sometimes through many lives) and channels the messages and healing sessions for your greatest good while also focusing on growing the gifts and strengths you do possess.  Marie is also a Professional Holistic Life Coach, providing on-going encouragement and supportive spiritual counseling, working hand in hand with many psychologist-referred clients. As a Certified Professional Vibrational Sound Healing Therapist and Teacher, she has a deep understanding of energy, vibration and how it relates to the human energy field, physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional bodies. Marie's interactive, integrative, and holistic approach is the result of education focused upon eastern and western Mind/Body Medicine, a heavily Asian-influenced upbringing, and the rewards reaped from a difficult life and powerful spiritual experiences.

A psychic intuitive since birth, she has numerous healers and intuitives in her family tree.  Being connected to two ancient cultures, one of which is rich in music since prehistoric times and the other being known for its bronze, culminates in her naturally employing the Gong as her instrument of choice. Specializing in energetic trauma, her business statement is simple: to create a safe space and to never create additional trauma. All healings are performed with sincerest compassion, through the heart-center, with the intention of your healing to be for your highest truth, light, wisdom and love.

Education, License, Certifications & Honors :

  • Professional Holistic Life Coach Specializing in Stress Management 
  • Certified Trauma Coach 
  • Certified Personal Trainer & Holistic Fitness Practitioner 
    • Pilates Instructor
    • TRX Suspension Training Instructor
    • Sport Yoga Instructor
  • Crystal Bowl Sound Practitioner Certification
  • Tuning Fork Master Practitioner
  • American Feng Shui Institute – Advanced Graduate


  • Professional Sound Healer
    • Integrated Clinical Therapy, Healing/Transformational Energies of Tibetan Singing Bowls
    • Advanced Integrated Clinical Therapy
      • Deep Emotional and Mental Disorders
      • Cleansing of Energy Meridians
      • 7 Major Chakra (body energy centers) Therapies
      • Physical and Psychological disorders
      • Space Clearing
      • Relationship Therapies
      • Children Therapies


  • Gong Master Teacher and Therapist Training

Dale Carnegie

Aesthetics Institute of Cosmetology - Esthetician

Co-author of The Faces Behind the Pages that Inspire

Additional Training:

Wisdom of the Grandmothers - With the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers - Traditions, Prayer, Meditation, Ceremony and Council

I am always seeking new trainings and teachings:
Continuing Ed. - Sound/Vibrational Healing Classes, Teachings, Retreats and Workshops with Honored Master Teachers in their Respective Fields within the US and abroad.

My practice is dedicated to those who loved me when I was unlovable.  Thank you for holding light for me when I could only see my darkness.

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